"Grief Panic Attacks" Emotional Intelligence Boot Camp - Phase 1

Grief Secrets Unraveled - feeling Mankind's... tragic & depressing pain of mind 😭

Understanding and sharing the traumatic feelings experienced by mankind (excluding man unkind)

Turning off Happy Emotions is a crying shame
Turning off Happy Emotions is a crying shame
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Grief Empathy Triage

Let the Pain of Mind SEE-READ-HEAR-FEEL of ABC's of Happiness emotional boot camp phase 1 begin again. Hold onto your heart. It's about to get broken.

6 Levels of Grief

Grief Experience - Six Levels of Emotional Pain of Mind – Nine Heart Breaking Depressions with Feelings of Isolated Mental Anguish

“Hello darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk to you again…” ~ Simon & Garfunkel

Level 6 – The 5 Stages of Death, Loss, Injury, Misfortune (DLIM) Grief

(for broken people who suffered a devastating love loss or way of life and are the lonely one left alive)

SEE - The 5 Stages of Death, Loss, Injury, Misfortune (DLIM) Grief roadmap that is illustrated from its SHOCK and DENIAL beginning to the ACCEPTANCE escape hatch to freedom. The DLIM grief victim crashes into a grave condition as the lone survivor.

The 1st Stage of DLIM Grief is a trainwreck of four shock & awful events of Shock & Denial. Individually or collectively, they encompass the multiple triggers of losing a once-in-a-lifetime love. We grieve loved ones we lose to death. We grieve the loss of living lovers, friendships, a way of life, (someone or something) that unexpectedly vanishes into thin air. We grieve a physical injury that takes away a sport, a passion or career we loved to death. And last but not least, we grieve the bankrupt feelings triggered by suffering the financial misfortune of losing money, a job or source of income.

The 5 Stages of DLIM Grief is the only Empathy Experience that begins with 4 horrific events that make up the Shock & Denial first stage of crashing out of control into a deep dark depression. The fact that DLIM grief has 4 different sparks that ignite a devastating crash into depression, makes it the most common level of grief we all suffer... multiple times till the day we die.

See all about it! Witness crashing into depression all alone with anyone of four shocking events illustrated & soundtracked below:

Level 6 - The 5 Stages of Death-Loss-Injury-Misfortune Grief

Four shocking grief events perpetrated by an out-of-control crash into depression 

Full Credit Footnote: for the 5 Stages of Grief roadmap goes to Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross & David Kessler, the groundbreaking pioneers & original Doctors of Empathy. You will see Dr. Kublar-Ross’s findings again at Level 11 - The 5 Stages of Dying Grief. She originated this roadmap for grief in 1969 after interviewing terminally ill patients who would normally die in obscurity as just another patient that treatment could no longer help. Gracefully, Dr. Kubler-Ross interviewed patients as if they were still vital and vibrant human beings.

The beauty of her discovery is it turned out the dying grief roadmap she documented was also applicable to those of us left living… who suffer through death, lose, injury and misfortunate and are left as a lone survivor. Dr. Kubler-Ross teamed up with David Kessler who took the reins of living grief adding the 6th stage which he discovered was “Find New Meaning”. Miraculously, this first empathy roadmap through grief were born and is still applicable 53 years later. We consider their empathy discoveries an emotional scientific breakthrough. It is no wonder that unemotional science disregards their empathy experience discoveries ... because they have no facts to support their findings other than the expression of the heartfelt emotions shared by real-life living/dying human beings. They introduced the world to empathy giving us the first glimpse into the commonsense science that set the foundation for the future generation of Emotional Intelligence. They did it by simply asking the question, "How does it FEEL?"

We're proud to carry on their revolutionary work in the emotional universe of mankind's shared Empathy Experience. They are the original Emotional Intelligence pioneers.

READ - Read all about it! Study the song lyrics for each stage that gives you insight into this pain of mind… then try to imagine the unimaginable feeling of loss… when someone or something you loved to death… DIES… right before your very eyes. Experience the emotional suffering that occurs when a death, major loss, injury or misfortune rips a life to shreds. Click on the graphic below to read the unspeakable words of mass destruction that breaks your heart into a thousand pieces.

”This is the end, beautiful friend. This is the end, my only friend, the end…” ~ The Doors

HEAR - Hear all about it! The 5 Stages of DLIM Grief Soundtrack pulls at the heart strings of the intense suffering of a devastating loss of someone or something you loved. The lyrics to these selected songs speak volumes to the level of pain felt with a love loss. Hear these “I’m dying inside” emotions come to life. Click the heartbreaking graphic below to hear the sounds of silence.

Note: Apple Music offers a free 3 month trial to hear the entire soundtrack. Until then, click on the graphic below for a sneak preview.

FEEL - Feel all about it! Sense what the 5 Stages of DLIM grief feels like… through the heartbeat of a lone survivor. A grief survivor who did not succumb to grief's addiction and escaped free & clear. A grief victim who ultimately accepted the loss for the soul purpose so they could love again. Only next time, they promise to love, honor and cherish a new love like there is no tomorrow. DLIM Grief survivors dedicate their escape and new beginnings in loving memory of the once-in-a-lifetime love that was tragically lost.

Empathy Experience Sequencing Footnote: The 5 Stages of Grief (and all 12 levels illustrated in the empathy experience) were created with the common reactions mankind shares. Mankind experiences Shock when a traumatic grief event destroys a "Normal Functioning" life. Anger rears its ugly head once the shock subsides. Depression kicks in once the realization that the loss is permanent. Bargaining is trying to make a deal with the devil and talk your way out of the loss. Acceptance is ultimately reached when we realize there is nothing we can do to reverse the grief we suffered.

It is important to note that all the stages illustrated in the Empathy Experience levels are not set in sequential stone. The sequence of events can vary from person to person. The stages presented for all levels are the most common reactions. Sequencing of the stages can be rearranged, skipped or unbearable stages may be added like mental breakdown & addiction.

For example: Buried in the 5 Stages of Grief, some immediately move to bargaining. They beg & pray that the crash will go away. Others go mute & refuse to acknowledge the tragic event. Some simply bury it deep inside & try to move on. Others explode with anger. A few elevate their torment into pure rage and hurt other people trying to drag them into their pit of pain to keep them company. Some suffer a complete mental breakdown isolating themselves wallowing in their sorrow. Others turn to medication, drugs & alcohol to numb the pain and substance abuse allows them to temporarily feel no pain at all. Some become addicted to a complete emotional shutdown as a false protection mechanism.

And last but not least are the Happiness thrill-seekers... those who are fearless & love kicking griefs ass. They immediately take a leap of faith... jumping off a cliff flying over shock & denial, anger, depression, bargaining... landing safe & sound on their acceptance cushion. Those who look forward to starting over... ready, willing & able to chase their next impossible dream.

No matter which reactions you choose to embrace, in the end, the 5 Stages of Grief are the most common reactions we all share. In short, experiencing emotions we SHARE... so we can “feel as” others… is by definition… is the epitome of empathy.

Our mission at Happier U University, which we fearlessly choose to accept, is to provide mankind with an empathy experience... of common reactions & emotions we all share... to get a FEEL for how we all FEEL… the same. We do it so we’ll can all FEEL GOOD and emotionally connected.

Level 7 – The 6 Stages of Blindside Grief

(for those betrayed by a love they trusted with all their heart)

SEE - The 6 Stages of Blindside Grief roadmap is illustrated from it’s PREMONITION & STUNNED DISBELIEF beginning to its FORGIVENESS escape hatch freedom. The victim's heart stops cold resulting in a flatlined condition.

Level 7 - The 6 Stages of Blindside Grief

A stunning "Et Tu Brute" betrayal perpetrated by man unkind

READ - The song lyrics for each stage allow you to begin to imagine the unimaginable feeling of being betrayed by someone you trusted with all your heart.

“So you can wipe off that grin, I know where you've been, it's all been a pack of lies.” ~ Phil Collins

HEAR - The 6 Stages of Blindside Grief Soundtrack pulls at the heart strings of the very intense suffering of a trust massacre. The lyrics to these selected songs speak volumes to the level of pain felt with being stabbed in the back. Hear these emotions of betrayal come to life.

FEEL - You just experienced what the 6 Stages of Blindside Grief feels like through the loving heart beat of a trusting survivor. A grief survivor who did not succumb to grief's addiction and escaped free & clear. A victim who found forgiveness and it set them free. Forgiveness given to a back stabber who will never be trusted again, by anyone. Forgiveness given freely so the survivor can rebuild self-confidence and continue to trust a love worth trusting, unconditionally.

Level 8 - The 7 Deadly Sins of Split Personality Grief

(for those gaslighted by a two-faced snake-charmer & purely evil villain)

SEE - The 7 Deadly Sins of Split Personality Grief from its KILLING ME SOFTLY beginning to holding a self RECKONING. Experience what it feels like to escape a gaslighting Dr. Jekyll/Mr. or Mrs. Hyde hostage situation, and finally be free to rebuild a lost feeling of self-worth. The victim is imprisoned in a diabolical intensive care unit (closely monitored, strictly controlled and heavily medicated with lies) so they can never see the true face of this ICU condition of a purely evil relationship. Feel the deception steal your identity until you finally have a wake up call and see the evil behind the mask for the very first time.

Level 8 - The 7 Deadly Sins of a Split Personality

A gaslighting event... perpetrated by the "lying, cheating, cold dead beating, two-timing, double dealing, mean mistreating" split personality of man unkind

READ - The song lyrics for each stage allow you to begin to imagine the utterly horrible feeling of being trapped in a "they love me - they love me not" tangled web of lies. A Stockholm Syndrome state of mind where you lose all sense of truth and self-worth in the deceit carried out by a split personality who masks up as a caring persona in order to cover up the evil within.

"It's bullshit, you know it, yeah, I see it in your eyes...every time that you tell me, deep down, he's a really good guy ~ Maren Morris

HEAR - The 7 Deadly Sins of Split Personality Grief Soundtrack gradually decreases self-worth to the point the victim FEELS worthless and loses all sense of truth and reality. The lyrics to these selected songs speak volumes to the utterly horrible pain felt with living in a cover-up of endless lies. Hear these numbing emotions come to life.

FEEL - You just experienced what the 7 Deadly Sins of Split Personality Grief feels like to escape a tangled web of lies through the reincarnation of a freedom fighting survivor who rediscovers truth and self-worth. A grief survivor who did not succumb to grief's addiction and escaped free & clear. A victim who finally held a reckoning (the action or process of calculating or estimating self-worth). This reckoning is the only way to rip off the snake-charming mask and uncover the true face of a purely evil empire.

LEVEL 9 - 5 Stages of Accidental Grief

(for those who accidentally harm another human being)

SEE - One of the most excruciating unbearable experiences occurs when someone accidentally harms a fellow human being. Here are the 5 Stages of Accidental Grief from its SORROW and REGRET beginning to its REPENTENCE escape hatch freedom. The victim's heart fills will so much remorse they plunge directly into a self-destruction serious condition.

Level 9 - The 5 Stages of Accidental Grief

An "it was me who caused harm" event perpetrated by sheer accident... resulting in a plea bargain for forgiveness… that’s rejected with a guilty verdict and life sentence of remorse… that will never be forgotten

READ - The song lyrics for each stage allow you to begin to imagine the excruciating unbearable feeling of hurting another human being. A poignant grief whose only redemption is repentance given by throwing yourself at the mercy of the highest court there is.

"Mama, just killed a man…." ~ Queen

HEAR - The 5 Stages of Accidental Grief Soundtrack as its victims struggle with the realization, they are the evil one, even if it was by accident, as they come face to face with the gates of hell. The lyrics to these selected songs speak volumes to the excruciating unbearable pain felt by living with this horrible reality. Hear these emotional demons come to life.

FEEL - You just experienced what it takes to survive the 5 Stages of Accidental Grief. A grief survivor who refuses to succumb to grief's addiction with a commitment to seek redemption through repentance. A guilt party who confessed, begged for forgiveness and threw themselves at the mercy of the highest court known to mankind. Repentance is an honest, regretful acknowledgement of committing a  harmful act begging for mercy even when it was a tragic accident.

Disclaimer - Happier U University would like to make a public service announcement immediately following this painful experience with the 5 Stages of Accidental Grief. Accidental grief is a stand alone emotional experience bought about by harming another human being by accident. While this pain of mind is excruciating unbearable, it is inconceivable to imagine the cold & calculated execution of emotions felt by someone who INTENTIONALLY harms another human being. Those who intentionally harm another human being are the essence of evil. We are specifically referring to… Man Unkind.

To those unkind individuals masked up with split personalities, who intentionally stab other people in the back in the dark of night, who profit off the pain of others, who unemotionally take no prisoners... make no mistake about it. You are evil. When you search high and low for the demons you are running from... look in the mirror. The demon is you.

LEVEL 10 - 5 Stages of Pure Evil Grief

(for those who have been intentionally tortured and harmed by an evil human being - terrorized & paralyzed by man unkind)

SEE - The most unimaginable unspeakable unbearable experience that occurs when an innocent victim is intentionally tortured and harmed by an evil human being. Here are the 5 Stages of Pure Evil Grief from its FROZEN beginning to its COMPASSION escape hatch freedom. The victim's heart & soul fills with so much trauma they are paralyzed and plunge directly into unimaginable unspeakable darkness. They are used up and are tossed away without mercy into an extremely critical condition.

Level 10 - The 5 Stages of Pure Evil Grief

 A traumatic event perpetrated by sick & wicked man unkind

READ - The song lyrics for each stage allow you to begin to imagine the unimaginable unspeakable feeling of being intentionally tortured, against your will, and thrown away like trash by an evil human being. A level of grief that cannot be imagined or put into words. An indescribable act of terror whose only escape is to get out of harm's way and reignite feelings by showing love and compassion to others.

"I'm paralyzed. Where are my feelings? I no longer feel things, I know I should. Where is the real me? I'm lost & it kills me." ~ NF

HEAR - The 5 Stages of Pure Evil Grief Soundtrack as its victims struggle with the coming face to face with evil spirits. The lyrics to these selected songs speak volumes to sounds of silence brought on by the unimaginable unspeakable pain felt by being violated and degraded. Hear these evil spirits come to life.

FEEL - You just experienced it takes to survive the 5 Stages of Pure Evil Grief. A grief survivor who fights off grief's addiction with a commitment to rekindle love & compassion. A lifetime victim (this trauma never goes away but it can be accepted and forgiven) who refuses to put themselves in harms way and focuses their energy on reigniting the emotions lost by showing love & compassion to other victims of a pain so great it cannot even be imagined, spoken or discussed. It is impossible to experience unimaginable and unspeakable empathy until it happens to you. It is impossible to "feel AS another“ when pure evil victims feel nothing but completely violated and dead inside. This is why the only saving grace is to promote compassion, “feel FOR another”, to bring pure evil victims back to the land of the living.

Broken people fix broken people.

A legitimate question - How in the hell of trauma can the escape hatch for Pure Evil Grief be compassion? To discover the connected link to all means of escape, we look no further than a culmination of all levels of grief: DLIM, Blindside, Split Personality, Accidental, Pure Evil and Dying Grief. Each level of grief serves one purpose, to obliterate good feelings and numb the senses. When all feelings of love are numbed or lost the only way to resuscitate feelings is to find compassion and “feel for another” to rekindle humanity lost. When we cannot feel anything we can relearn how to feel, by feeling for others. This is why we say that the ultimate cure for all levels of grief, especially pure evil grief, is helping other people to rehabilitate feelings that were stripped away. We credit Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King with this empathic realization. Both great men promoted that the only escape hatch out of Minority Grief was LOVE. Pure Evil Grief and Minority Grief (still being researched by Happier UU awaiting input from minority grief victims and victors) are closely related, joined at the hip. Compassion and love are equally related as emotions that rest at the core of happiness. This was the determining factor that led Happier UU to the pure evil escape hatch of COMPASSION. It led us to the phrase: Broken people fix broken people.

Nelson Mandela's wisdom, after being imprisoned for 27 years by white captors, is the best summarization of what it takes to escape all levels of grief...

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison.”

Dr. Martin Luther King’s words shared the same sentiment...
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

LEVEL 11 - 5 Stages of Dying Grief

(for those poor broken bodies who have no chance of survival yet still possess a loving soul)

SEE -  The original grief roadmap from 1969 given to us whole-heartedly by dying patients repurposed into Level 6 - The 5 Stages of DLIM Grief in order to help the living survive. Experience the 5 Stages of DYING Grief from its DENIAL beginning to its ACCEPTANCE escape hatch when faced with certain death. Victims are given a death sentence with a terminal condition.

Level 11 - The 5 Stages of Death & Dying Grief (Dr. Kubler-Ross)

A final curtain of “knock knock knocking on heaven's door" event perpetrated by... an irreversible death sentence

READ – There are no song lyrics to read since there are no words that could come close to describing the feelings of a death sentence. The moment dying victims are given their final verdict is the day words lose their meaning. We broke from words or lyrics in the name of empathy and instead provide our students with the following insight given to us by an honorary Happier U University Doctor of Empathy, Tenzin Kiyosaki. Tenzin, like Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross made another emotional scientific breakthrough by the simple act of talking to dying people. She discovered The Three Regrets dying patients have. These regrets are how those of us with a lot of life left in us can use this insightful discovery to find empathy for those who have been given a death sentence. The escape hatch for dying grief was documented in 1969 to be ACCEPTENCE. The three regrets were documented in 2021. It is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine what it feels like to literally be at the end of your rope. This is why Happier U University translates empathy in both these cases to be forewarned, that when our time comes, we do everything in our power to accept our life will eventually end and we need to make sure we have no regrets. We should all accept and dedicate or lives to live the life of our dreams, share love unconditionally and make sure to forgive those who have done us harm. Living a life without regrets means ACCEPTANCE will come much easier to all of us in the end.

READ MORE - We also added another Happier U University Doctor of Empathy, Daniel Pink. He broke precedence and talked to people not dying. He cataloged the regrets of 190,000 people, as if they were equals. Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Tenzin Kiyosaki & Daniel Pink prove that Emotional Intelligence can be expanded by capturing emotions, in order to share them with other people.

HEAR The instrumental music of the instrument of death allows us to experience dying grief (if only in your empathic imagination). While words cannot describe the feelings of knocking on heaven's door. The power of music however can be used to FEEL & SHOW empathy for those who have been given a death sentence. Dying empathy means we can connect with these victims on a human level until they take their dying breath.

FEEL - You have been given the chance to experience Dying Grief in order to feel the overwhelming finality. Dying Grief is a wake-up call to make sure while we are still alive we waste no time and have no regrets. As a living human being, we show empathy for the dying, so we can accept that every day of life is a precious gift that should never be wasted. Acceptance of the 5 Stages of Dying Grief is intended for us to live everyday like we are dying. To make sure we live a life filled with undying love and forgiveness. Without any remorse. Without any regrets.

Grief Triage Summary

Discovering the secret to Lifelong Happiness - Knowing how to escape Grief Prison with six get-out-of-jail-free cards

It's no longer a secret... the secret to lifelong happiness is knowing how to escape grief's prison.

The Matrix for Grief - The Grief pill keeps you locked up in a depressing prison. The Happier U pill lets you break the chains of griefs prison & escape

Solace: comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or trouble; alleviation of distress or discomfort

Once you come to grips with the 6 escape hatches charted out below... you see that they never fail to set you free. The terror & trauma of any grief event is neutralized by finding comfort with an opportunity to begin again.

The search for solace is discovered inside the comforting emotions of acceptance, forgiveness, self-reckoning, repentance, and compassion.


We can also show how to accelerate escape plans and take your mind off the pain by going out of your way to help people. This is how you can help yourself. Grief destroys all feelings of empathy and happy emotions. Compassion "feel for another" is how to reignite and restart happier feelings in yourself.

Fortunately… Happier U University disagrees with this sink or swim defeatist attitude. Maybe it’s our fearless Marine Corps training that knows for a fact that any team of dysfunctional jarheads from the trash bins of this great country can be motivated if just one leader stands up in the face of fear and says… FOLLOW ME… it’s time to fight back... TOGETHER! 

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me."

We are highly "motivated" that we can & do provide a "we are all connected" empathy experience... with a detailed grief roadmap with proven escape hatches and a life preserver of empathy so victims know they are never alone. We can & do give victims the direction they need to break free from the griefs depressing prison, if & when they find the courage & motivation to rescue themselves. We can & do offer grief victims free rein when they are ready, willing and able, “to walk out the prison door toward the gate that would lead to freedom, knowing if they don't leave their bitterness and hatred behind, they'll never leave their prison” and break the shackles of grief.

Once grief victims are ready to participate in their own rescue, we walk them through how liberating it is to reignite and experience their own unique brand of happiness. We let grief victims experience what freedom FEELS like to show that their unique brand of happiness is worth fighting for. We illustrate that the best grief rescue strategy occurs, when we make the fearless commitment to rescue ourselves.

Now that we have conquered our greatest fears, it's time to venture into the unknown. It is time to leave grief with reckless abandon. It is time to take back control. It is time to start dreaming and chasing an impossible dream and landing safe & sound somewhere over the rainbow. Come join us on the bright side of empathy. Experience, or reexperience the reckless days of your youth. FEEL the pure unadulterated freedom of venturing into the unknown. FEEL what it takes to fight for your happiness as if your life depended on it. FEEL what it is like to be fearless.

Enough of this grief madness & sadness! Let’s get happy! 😎